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Businesses are generating more paper than ever before.

While many companies transition to electronic payments, investing millions in enterprise computer systems, the paper keeps piling up.  Some estimates of nearly 5 trillion pages of hard copy information created yearly.

While companies have traditionally managed their paper processes in house – paper is mounting and businesses approach to this problem is often not the most feasable.

Imperial Copy Products (Business Processing Outsourcing) helps our customers lower operating costs, improve access to information, reduce risk, and enhance service for their customers.

Need Synopsis

  • Capability to handle thousands of inbound documents every day
  • Mail sorting capability reduces manual touches and headcount
  • Software development department to create custom applications
  • Incentives tied to transition milestones to ensure success
  • Disaster recovery if necessary at Facility
  • web-based reporting

Solution Synopsis

  • Terminate existing property leases
  • Convert fixed cost operational model to variable cost
  • Reduce order processing costs
  • Relocation of functions such as data entry to lower cost labor markets that comply with security requirements
  • Reduce Call Center Costs

Results Synopsis

  • Quality benchmarks of all processes with continuous improvement initiatives

  • Standardize all functions and processes
  • Establish online training tools for initial certification and ongoing decision making
  • Quality sampling steps after mail opening, sorting, prepping, scanning, indexing, and document destruction to gather and report quality on every employee
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