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Scanning Secrets for Business Success

Scanning paper documents is no one’s favorite task. It can be time-consuming and daunting. But, scanning your paper documents into digital formats can be hugely beneficial to your business, and can drastically improve workflows. That said, there are several ways to make scanning an easier process.

Here are some tips on how to maximize scanning to benefit your business and your workflow processes.

  • Digital filing. It’s important to ensure that you have a digital filing system already in place before beginning the scanning process. This way, you are already comfortable with a file structure that functions well for your company. Your file structure should be simple so that you can easily find what you’re looking for, thus reaping the benefits of scanning almost immediately.
  • File formats. Choosing the correct file format is a surefire way to avoid headaches. A document with only text might work best as a TIFF, whereas an image can be saved using the JPG format. If your document has a mixture of both text and images, the PDF format is easy to read and versatile.
  • DPI. Resolution is paramount in the world of scanning. After all, why scan a document to a digital format if you aren’t able to view it clearly at a later date? Avoid resolution problems by checking your dpi, or dots per inch. This will affect the resolution. Typically, a minimum 200 dpi is good, but newer scanners can have up to 4800 x 4800dpi resolution.
  • Direct scanning. Let’s face it. You’d rather not spend your day staring at a scanner. Fortunately, many scanners now allow you to scan directly to any networked device. This also means that if it is on your network, you can immediately scan your documents to it. This is perfect for transferring documents across the office quickly and securely.
    When you don’t feel like scanning those documents, consider that it might actually be time for a new scanner that maximizes productivity. Scanners now offer a wide away of accommodations for your documentation needs. For example, many scanners allow you to feed paper with multiple thicknesses, or even smaller documents, like business cards. Scanners also often have duplexing capabilities, cutting many scanning projects in half.
  • Full-service scanning. Let’s face it. Sometimes you do not have the time that is required to scan your documents. If this is the case, consider hiring a solutions provider, such as Imperial Copy Products, who will handle it all for you—from retrieving the documents from storage to scanning and indexing them. This is the ultimately, simplified scanning solution for your growing business.

To learn more about our scanning solutions, contact us today. With decades of experience in the scanning and imaging business, we can help you simply your workflows and get you working smarter, not harder.

To learn more about how Imperial Copy Products, can keep your documents safe and secure, contact us today.