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Government and Educational Contracts

Established Contracts

New Jersey State Contract # G-2075 for Digital Copiers and Multi-Function Printers

AEPA Contract Number AEPA IFB #017-B

The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies’ (AEPA) is a nationwide group of nonprofit educational organizations working collaboratively to save school districts time and money.

AEPA has more than $330 million in annual protected purchases. We are currently 24 members strong, representing schools serving more than 25 million students. Together we have hundreds of years of public sector purchasing experience.

Program Advantages

  • Time savings with lowest national pricing available
  • Attract and leverage national vendors
  • Detailed and complete bid process through nationally experienced participants
  • Volume contracts based on 24 member participation
  • Avoid duplication and expense of bid process

Our mission is to cooperatively serve our agency memberships through a continuous effort to explore and solve present and future purchasing needs. Our goals include working on your behalf to secure multi-state volume purchasing contracts that have benefits that are measurable, cost-effective and
continuously exceed our membership’s expectations.

For Printers:
Western States Contracting Alliance and National Association Of State Procurement Officials
WSCA/NASPO Contract # B-27167

For Printers:
GSA Contract# GS-35F-0041L Including Modification P0-0109

  • General Services Administration
  • General Purpose Commercial
  • Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services Schedule 70
  • Special Item Numbers: 132-8 and 132-12

GSA Contract # GS-03F-045DA Up to and including Modification PS-0018

  • General Services Administration
  • Federal Supply Service
  • FSC Group 36
  • Office Imaging, Document Solutions, Products and Services
  • Special Item Numbers:
    • 51-100/51-101-2
    • 51-55
    • 51-57
    • 51-58/51-58a
    • 51-100c
    • 51-100f
    • 51-500
    • 51-501

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania / COSTARS Contract Number: COSTARS-001-011